Brand Touchpoints

Published: 28th November 2018

The point at which a potential, or existing, customer comes into contact with your business is known as a touchpoint. Touchpoints vary from business to business but interact with each other to create a web of opportunities to increase brand awareness, engage new customers and improve their experience.

Using the diagram above, consider all of the touchpoints that may apply to your business. A touchpoint can be anything from a post on social media or a person walking into your shop to the purchase process itself and after sales service. The contact made at each point, both positive and negative, influence an individual’s perception of the business. By categorising them into pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase you may identify areas which overlap. Furthermore a list or diagram can help to identify areas in which your presence is lacking which may provide valuable opportunities. Concentrating your efforts, and budget, in just one or two areas is not without risk and is unlikely to provide a sufficient return on your investment (ROI). What are your most important touchpoints and which gives rise to the best ROI in both the short and long term?

In large businesses it is likely that the responsibility for managing the various touchpoints is given to an individual or team of people. Ideally regular meetings between departments will ensure a cohesive approach is maintained and essential feedback is provided across the various groups. For small businesses the responsibility often lies with just one or two people and the prospect of formulating, and undertaking, a strategy can appear to be a daunting one.

Forge PR & Marketing is currently working with both small and large businesses. I am employed by larger businesses to provide specific skills across one or two touchpoints and by smaller businesses who wish to concentrate on their business activities safe in the knowledge that their marketing and PR strategy is taken care of.

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