Can you do ‘Christmas in 10’?!

Published: 20th November 2020

How much of your Christmas shopping can do you within a 10 mile radius?

‘Christmas in 10 Abergavenny’ is challenging shoppers to buy as much of their Christmas shopping as possible within 10 miles.

The campaign is designed to inspire shoppers, help discover new businesses and champion artisan producers.

Abergavenny, and the surrounding countryside, is home to a plethora of shops and independent business that offer an amazing array of gifts. Presents don’t need to be a physical product, they can be vouchers for experiences too!

The social media pages are managed by Claire Brown. “The idea was borne from a desire to help our local businesses this year. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for so many of my friends who run wonderful small businesses that are vital to our local economy. The project is a pleasure to be involved in; not only have I discovered businesses I didn’t know existed but there has been such a positive response from so many people”, she said. “I am sure that I will get requests that only the North Pole can source but it is not about buying everything within your local area, it is about buying what you can.”

Follow Christmas in 10 for ideas and inspiration –

Facebook and Instagram @Christmasin10Abergavenny

Twitter @Abergavennyin10

There is no charge for businesses to get involved. Those wishing to take part can by tagging us in your posts, sending a private message or by emailing [email protected]

Anyone, anywhere can take this challenge! If you have the time and desire to champion your own local area you are welcome to use our branding (at no cost) and we’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch!