Social media; carrot cakes and wiggling your toes

Published: 18th January 2019

Following a very enjoyable festive period I find myself itching to take down the decorations, clean the office and get cracking making plans and generating fresh ideas. With new projects to get my teeth into, in addition to the regular work I have for retained clients, there is a lot to look forward to.

Generating content for social media is one task that can stump and confuse businesses. Creating engaging and inspiring content takes skill, time and effort. It is not just about selling products; in fact, the proportion of ‘selling’ posts should not make up the majority. Add into the mix the platform you choose, the time to post and the number of times you should be posting and it can all seem a bit daunting.

Social media facilitates two-way communication and businesses deploying a social media strategy need to be aware bad messages can spread as quickly as good ones. However, it can also be an incredibly fun, uplifting and positive learning experience that can direct and shape your brand in addition to converting customers to being brand advocates.

Much of the last two weeks have been about googling, researching, analysing and brainstorming to develop inspiring content, designed to engage and provoke interaction and conversation whilst ultimately aiming to convert ‘followers’ into customers.

For me, content on social media should be a combination of planned and spontaneous posts. The weather can change quickly and a brand selling waterproof windproof clothing can react quickly whilst a website that reports on events and competitions needs to follow progress of these calendar dates and report promptly.

National days can provide useful leverage, particularly on a ‘hashtag’ heavy platform such as Instagram (we have recently noted a sharp increase in Instagram followers by using select hashtags appropriate for our target audience), they can also inject a bit of fun into the posts as humour is generally well received and is a ‘light’ and ‘sociable’ activity. Today is #DitchNewYearsResolutionsDay (we aren’t quite ready to do that just yet!) and Monday 28th January is #NationalFunAtWorkDay. Did you know there were National Days for carrot cakes, cheese doodles and wiggling your toes?! Not all National Days will be appropriate for your business but those that are can be a great starting point for planned content in addition to providing new opportunities.

Each platform we currently engage on has different followers, and our target market for each is different. Forge PR & Marketing offer competitive social media management packages in addition to training enabling you to take control and get on with the job yourself! Get in touch if you want to know more.